I'm just so confused


I'm just so confused

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    June 14, 2016 at 9:34 pm #103362
    I'm just so confused

    I was dating someone for 3 months. He’s in a rigorous grad school program so I was trying to be understanding of that because I truly don’t know how hard it is. Because of his program and commitments on both our ends we’d gone about 3 weeks without seeing eachother but we kept in constant contact.

    Finally he sets a date. I mentioned googling something and he goes “so would google be able to tell me if your free for a date Saturday ;)” We settle on Sunday brunch because I’ve got plans Saturday night. He’s acting normal and flirty being like “it’s gonna be so great to see you” “I’m currently picking out a place for brunch ;)” etc.

    After brunch we decide to walk around. In the middle of it he just blurts out “so my free times gonna be limited” alluding to the fact his school is gonna pick up again. Give him an out to end it by saying that he can leave whenever to go finish work and he wants to continue the date and get ice cream. Fast forward to the end of the date.

    June 14, 2016 at 9:42 pm #103363

    He goes “so like I said I’m not gonna have much free time and I don’t wanna lead you on to think I’m gonna have a lot of free time to do things” so we end with a hug and a see you later. I honestly assumed he was just stating facts to me and letting me decide what I wanted.

    I sent him a text being like “today was great, I appreciate you bring so honest. I really like you and I’d love to see you whenever you can but I understand that schools very busy for you right now” his response was “Thanks, I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you too, and I’m really glad you understand. I just don’t have time to keep dating right now. Hopefully we can be friends in the meantime.”

    I don’t bother responding then yesterday I get a friendly text asking how my day was. I ended up responding and we’ve been talking since. It’s just typical conversations we’d have.

    Why bother texting me if you don’t want to date me?