I'm really into a guy who has mental issues.


I'm really into a guy who has mental issues.

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    February 21, 2013 at 9:04 am #23277
    I'm really into a guy who has mental issues.

    he is a diagnosed bipolar sociopath
    also seems to have grandiose delusions
    claiming he’s reached nirvana and he’s a god
    i claim weird things like this as a joke but he is serious
    at first i kind of made fun of him and thought it was all silly
    then he got mad and annoyed at me for doubting him
    so i said i would take him seriously

    we met through mutual friends and ended up making out at his birthday party
    ever since then i can’t stop thinking about him
    he knows i want him, but he says he’s uninterested in making new friends even
    he doesn’t even want to see me
    he says it has nothing to do with looks or personality
    he literally was like “i’m a god and you aren’t”
    and says we’re in different “realms”
    and i told him i wasn’t going to give up because then i seem weak
    and he was like “you are weak. you are human. with human desires, like the desire for me.”

    i honestly don’t know if he is completely ****ing with me or not
    but either way i want him
    don’t call me stupid, i want who i want
    but idk how to get him

    i mean, i’ve considered completely being cold to him and ignoring him and maybe he will miss me
    but idk

    help meeeee i hate being rejected/losing/not getting what i want/etc
    im a bit of a narcissist too

    and if it helps he’s been with a lot of girls and claim girls go after him like i have all the time
    and says it’s annoying
    and he hates persistence and doubt
    which are two of my main qualities so i honestly am so stuck

    i want him not only because i like him but because its almost like a mission i just want to accomplish sigh

    February 21, 2013 at 12:39 pm #23368

    So you want a trophy or a hookup? or a boyfriend? Sounds like you’re bored too, if you need a challenge, try reading the entire dictionary. That’ll be impressive, I bet even a god like him wouldn’t do that.

    Honestly, you’re asking for thrill-seeking advice. If he’s honestly mentally unstable leave the poor guy alone. IF there’s already something “broken” don’t try to win him over to prove a point. If he’s looking for something else, then leave him alone. He’s politely asked you to let him be. Don’t be annoying and nag at him. Would you want a guy to do that to you?

    February 22, 2013 at 3:59 pm #23502

    This is so bizarre. One, you shouldn’t look past his mental disabilities. You can’t just see it as a “challenge” ESPECIALLY if he’s down right told you to not pursue him anymore. I agree with arianna, you probably wouldn’t want a guy continuously approaching you after you’ve told him to go away. You’re being very selfish to think this is a one way or the highway opportunity.

    March 9, 2013 at 11:05 pm #25381

    First of all, how do you know this guy is a sociopath? His doctor would never give out that information which means that he probably told you himself. The problem with that is that sociopaths don’t normally tell people that they are sociopaths because they never truly believe that they are. Either way you should be more concerned with your own mental issues if you have this kind of compulsion to date someone who is at the very least a narcissistic, delusional, a$$hole. And if he really is a sociopath it means that, among other things, he is not capable of feeling love, empathy, guilt, or remorse. That means if he should flip out someday and bash your head in with a baseball bat he wouldn’t feel the slightest bit bad about it afterwards. In fact he would sleep like a baby that night. Another thing about a sociopath, or any type of antisocial personality, is that they get off on manipulating people in order to control them and eventually to tear them down. And whatever this guy’s particular flavor on mental illness is, there is no doubt at all that he is manipulating you, whether he is consciously aware of it or not. He draws you in and then pushes you away and that is how he gains control over you. It’s basic cause and effect. He has made himself cause while making you effect. In other words he’s pulling all the strings. Anyway you need to look into your own past and find out why you are someone who is easily drawn in by this type of man and why you even put yourself in his path to begin with. Basically this guy is like a gun that you picked up and shot yourself in the foot with and now you are saying, “why is this thing hurting me”? It keeps hurting me but I cant live without it (him). And the sooner you realize that you are doing this to yourself the sooner you can take back control of the situation. By the way Charles Manson had delusions very similar to those of your “friend” so maybe you should think about that as well.