I'm very confused with this guy.Advice please?


I'm very confused with this guy.Advice please?

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    December 21, 2015 at 6:43 pm #90395
    I'm very confused with this guy.Advice please?

    So long story short.A guy at work started showing interest in me about a year ago.He would casually find reasons to touch me or hold me, he’s always teasing and flirting.Eventually he asked me out.We went out once.Then a few months later he told me about how he had a good time and that he thought about kissing me then, but didn’t know how I would respond.He never clearly stated he had any feelings for me.But I suspected he might, but wasn’t really sure.Like one time I came into the store we worked at and he was bagging.He said I smelt really nice.The cashier told him to quit hitting on me, and he said he wasn’t.so I was like “okay, he doesn’t like me.” The following day, he told me how once my mom told him that he and I would be a nice couple, and that one of co-workers said same.But again, he seemed flirty the next day.Anyways, up to this week: Last monday, he kissed me.Was kind of taken back.But still confused with what his feelings were.Later in the week he messaged me on facebok and told me he was in love with me.However, being shy and having low-self esteem, I basically sent a message saying, I had a hard time believing that.But then I felt bad about that message.He responded “I understand, but if you feel you don’t want to be with me, just say so.” I told him of course I do.

    Yesterday, we had break together.And he could tell I was a bit stressed.But the day before I went to see the new star wars movies with a couple of other co-workers.I have feeling he assumed I went on a date with one, because questioned it.I made it clear it wasn’t and that I wasn’t interested in THAT co-worker, but somone else.He kept asking until I finally said it was him.
    I got up to leave, but he stopped me, told me he was flattered.He hugged me and said “I’ve always loved you AS A FRIEND” that’s where I’m confused.But then 10 minutes later he told me he’s in love with me, and we’d make a great couple, and he wants to do everything in his power to be with me.He kissed me again, and the took my hands and said “Promise me, you won’t leave.I want you in my life.”

    I’m confused because he said he’s always loved me as a friend, but on monday he said he was in love with me, and about ten minutes after saying “I’ve always loved you as a friend” He said he was in love and kissed me.And telling me he is going to take me out again.And he said my mother has told him we’d make a great couple.Ugh, help?

    December 21, 2015 at 11:04 pm #90403

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    December 22, 2015 at 7:40 am #90410

    I thought I was very clear Sunday.We’ve known each other for 2 years now.
    And I told him Sunday that I liked him, he was so persistant to know who I liked.
    And here’s how things went:

    Him: “I read your post on, facebook…your interested in someone else?”
    I guess he assumed I wasn’t interested, but it was him I was talking about.
    Me: I’m interested, in someone….but its not someone..ugh never mind
    Him: Aww, come on tell me…please? You know, I always loved you as a friend..
    Me:: Its embarrasing….
    Him: Its not like its..
    Me: IT IS YOU.
    That’s when he got up and told me not to run away, and that he was flattered, and happy.He then told me he’s in love with me, and thought we’d make a beautiful couple.He then said “We WILL go out.Anywhere you want, the beach, dinner.Anything romantic” And we sat back down for a bit.He took my hands and said “Promise me something…..Don’t leave me, please don’t.I need you in my life.” And I said I wasn’t.He said “Good.That’s my girl


    December 22, 2015 at 7:43 am #90411

    Then it was time to go back to break.He’s like “We gotta go back now.” He came around, wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear “I love you…I’ll be thinking about you tonight.” And he kissed my cheek a few times, then moved to the lips.And then said he’ll think of me on Christmas and would love to see me under the mistletoe…Of course I blushed.XD

    He hugged me earlier that morning to and kissed me, when I was cold.It was freezing.He had come around and said “feel me I’m warm” I touched his arm and I was like “You are warm.” and then he wrapped me in his arms.Again, he kissed me.And then sighed.

    So he knows now I like him.I just don’t get why he said “as friends” but then suddenly said he’s in love.