Interesting tinder date (but I suspect has a bf that is leaving) – now what?


Interesting tinder date (but I suspect has a bf that is leaving) – now what?

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    January 14, 2019 at 10:26 am #192529
    Interesting tinder date (but I suspect has a bf that is leaving) – now what?

    Hey Everyone,

    Just had a date three nights ago (friday evening). I matched with her on Tinder on thursday evening, proceeded to get her number and setup a date for the next day (note: she offered to hang same night, I declined since it was 10pm and I was in bed for work the next day). After the date, we made out for 15 minutes in her car and she tells me it is the “best first date she has had in a very long time”.

    Here is the dilemma – I suspect she has a boyfriend. Upon matching on Tinder, I found her on FB and saw a guy with a very foreign sounding name she was with as recent as a few weeks back. On the date, she said she was really busy the next week helping a “friend” move out of the country. I suspect the dude is the “friend”, but they are more than just “friends”.

    So I have two options:
    1 – reach out 10 days after the first date, once the suspected bf is gone


    2 – do my normal routine where I re-initiate after 3-6 days from the first date and proceed to line up a second date

    January 15, 2019 at 2:02 am #192584

    You’ve only had one date and you are no where near to being in an exclusive relationship.
    There is nothing wrong with you continuing your normal follow up date routine and getting to know her better.
    However at this point you should be keeping your options open by dating other women.
    Anytime you meet someone on a dating site or app you should assume you are not the only one in contact with them.
    Avoid becoming overly invested too quickly with anyone you meet whether online or offline.
    Simply enjoy dating for fun and if through the normal mate selection/screening process things evolve so be it.