International girl


International girl

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    October 29, 2017 at 1:17 pm #154390
    International girl

    Ok, so I have a dilemma here.

    I am in a international school until december and I met a girl 1 month ago there (we are both in San Francisco), she is from Europe and I am from South America. I really like her, in all different ways, we hang out together most of the time not only because I look for her, but also because she looks for me. She hasn’t said anything like “my best friend”, but to somebody else she did (he is also a friend of mine).

    The dilemma here is, she is going to stay in the US to get a Bachelor’s degree and so am I, hell maybe in the same college/university. And so, in her country she has had a boyfriend for 4 years (the only one in her life), they are really closed to each other, he has been there for her for a lot of things, even when her mother died and stuff.

    Anyway, the girl is really beautiful, every time we go clubbing the boys always look for her and I get jealous, obviously, but in the end she always gets away from them and comes back to me or our group. I really like this girl not as a hook up, but as I would love to be in a relationship with her and I would give everything from me. Some people say that it doesn’t matter if she has s boyfriend, that he is in the other side of the world, but they are so close… And it is very hard to separate them.

    I don’t know if I should wait for them to split up (maybe before february) or just tell her about my feelings right away or what. I am the only person here that is always for her, and she knows thst, even when I am not around she looks for me.
    I would love some advice pls.