Is he cheating?


Is he cheating?

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    May 13, 2017 at 12:34 am #136362
    Is he cheating?

    So I’m completely in love with this guy and I’m living with him now. We haven’t been together long but there is a strong attraction and I have feelings I haven’t had for anyone else iv ever been with. He is 15 years older then me and has 2 adorable children who are 4 and 5. I really love him and his family so much so that iv pretty much taken over the house and all the chores I make sure everything is done for him so when he gets home he can relax and spend time with me. Only thing is he doesn’t always come home… Sometimes he is gone for days on end. This time he is gone for 5 days.

    He stays with his ex wife… who started wanting him back after we got together. She left him twice for other men and then came back. He said he wouldn’t take her back but… She says she wants another child. He also mentioned to me the other day that he took his shirt off and she saw a bruise I left on him. She flipped out calling me names, he didn’t defend me. Is he cheating?

    May 13, 2017 at 8:15 am #136364

    Who watches his kids when he doesn’t come home? If you do that isn’t your responsibility, if something happens to the kids then they will put the blame on you, I would say he is using you more as a house sitter than a lover and you should be getting paid for it. My wife divorce me and I don’t even talk to her but, then we do not have kids. He should not be staying overnight with his ex-wife especially if she wants him back and she wants another kid. One day you will be taking care of 3 kids. I would have to say chances are pretty good he is cheated. I wish you the best.