Is it good if a guy calls you cutie?


Is it good if a guy calls you cutie?

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    March 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm #130428
    Is it good if a guy calls you cutie?

    Is it good if a guy calls you cute? Been texting and snapchatting with this guy for about three months now. (I’m 25, he’s 27) He used to call me funny nicknames which were versions of my own name. I used to love it. Now he seems to be using “cute” or “cutie” a lot in text messaging and on snapchat. Anything from “Hey cutie” to “Whats up cutie?” to just plain old “You’re cute.”

    I posted something on social media, a nice photo of my mother and I taken recently. He saw it and immediately texted me saying “look at you cutie.”

    The other night we were snapchatting and he kept calling me cutie all throughout and sending me kissy emoji faces. Today I sent him a selfie on snapchat wishing him a happy st patricks day, and he responded “cute”

    Any input? Sometimes I don’t know how to respond to it so I just say “thank you”

    March 18, 2017 at 3:34 pm #130475

    Chatting for three months? A guy calling you cute and giving you pet names would be good and meaningful if he had actually met you. You know, you can get thrilled about someone online based on fantasy expectations but it can all be ruined in less that two minutes once you meet in person. I can’t understand why he hasn’t asked you out. He’s acting weird, putting you on pedestral for months based on social media. He may not even be the person claims to be. Never meet him first time anywhere but on public place and day time. Be careful.

    March 18, 2017 at 4:57 pm #130479

    Its a weird situation. So he saw me on Facebook through mutual friends, because we both went to college together, but never officially met. So I know he is who he says he is. He knows friends of mine. He added me on Facebook, started chatting with me, asked for my number, and started texting me every single day. He was here for winter break with his family at the time. We made plans twice, but he sort of never followed through. Would tell me maybe Sunday, and then tell me he would text me with a plan, but then he would text me but nothing about the plan. He did this twice. I called him out on it an he swore things came up etc… He is currently away at graduate school 4 hours from here. So we can’t meet yet. He keeps asking me to come see him there, but I have told him if he wants to see me he can come here and I will not be taking the drive up there because he is a stranger and I am not a booty call. He swears he knows I am a nice girl and isn’t trying anything funny with me.