Is it me?


Is it me?

  • Hayley Matthews Hayley Matthews
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    August 5, 2017 at 9:27 pm #144375
    Is it me?

    Okay….a couple of weeks ago I came on here asking for advice about a guy and everyone said to stop talking to him, so I did. ITS BEEN WEEKS and I literally can’t stop thinking about him! Its literally driving me insane!! Also, over the past couple of weeks I’ve just been thinking about what really went wrong and I noticed one thing…whenever I meet a guy online or in person and we start texting I never ever ever get a call from them. My sisters meet guys and they want to call them up real quick but for some reason no guy wants to talking to me over the phone. Idk if its me and I come off bitchy and they’re scared to have a phone convo with me but I have never had back to back conversations on the phone. Is that weird?? I think so.

    Also about they guy that I can’t stop thinking about, idk what it is about him (probably bc he was my first real makeout) but I really miss him. I keep thinking about the last time we talked and I keep thinking about what went wrong and I think I know.

    August 5, 2017 at 9:34 pm #144376

    Here is a list: It was the night of his bday and he asked me to come over and give him a bday kiss and I did.
    When I pulled up I didn’t pull into his drive way
    He tried to go in for a kiss ( it looked like) but I just gave him a hug but we’ve made out before (he also stumbled over my foot which was awkward)
    He said “do you want to come in?” and I said “youre not gonna kill me right?’ (joking but not really) he said “no..”
    I pulled into the drive way and walked up to his door and went into his house with him I said “give me a tour!” he said “okay”
    When it came to the basement he went down and I stood at the steps and he looked back and when was like “are you serious?!’ and I was like “idk just dont want to be killed” (something like that) went down and he showed me what he was renovating ( it was actually really nice)
    Went back upstairs and I lingering around looking awkward im sure waiting for the right time to kiss him asking random questions about his place.
    Finally kissed….

    August 5, 2017 at 9:47 pm #144377

    He was handies but it was okay was not uncomfortable about that part but I have body image issues and pulled away real quick.
    I might’ve just walked out the house, idk how I made it outside but Im sure it was awkward
    before walking out he asked about what ive done sexually bc he knows im a virgin, I told him THAN walked out
    We started to talk about oral sex and I said “no I don’t do that but I get it all the time” (joking but he doesn’t know that)
    He seemed kind of angry at the fact that I was being so boosie I think
    As I was walking he put his arms around me and we were walking to him car, he caressed my boob and asked if he can finger me
    I said no bc I wasnt ready
    he asked if i was on my period ( kind of funny)
    i said no
    got to my car and he pinned me to my car in a cute flirty kind of way and smack my ass
    I turned around AGAIN bc i dont like my body
    he kissed me and I walked to turn my car on
    we talked about why i sent the text saying that I havent sinned enough for som..

    August 5, 2017 at 9:53 pm #144378

    for someone my age bc of me being insecure (he doesnt know that im insecure)
    I complained about going on vacation and he said “youll be fine”
    But I cant going but later stopped (i think it was a little too much not gonna lie)
    we made out (i was in the driver side he was standing out side)
    I told him that I was a terrible kisser and he was trying to “teach me” how to kiss but I was being playful and I dont think he knew that so he was getting a little frustrated.
    Also i wear makeup and the last time we kissed my makeup was all over his white shirt and face (it was terrible) and im sure it happened again
    before I left he kissed me on the cheek and I kissed his nose (just being funny) and I think he had a boner but he walked off pretty fast
    also I notice that he moved from standing next to me when i was sitting in the car to standing behind the door

    August 5, 2017 at 9:56 pm #144379

    Also after he caressed my boobs he also grazed my vag a little when he asked to finger me…sooo that too. He was upset about turning 25 and I dont think I made it any easier bc im 22 and he thinks that im so young compared to him. i think its bc its the way i come off and its true bc im so inexperienced. Idk I feel like its my fault a little…

    August 8, 2017 at 11:49 am #144613

    I think you are not wrong. It sounds like he didn’t give you a chance! It takes time for girls to get physically comfortable and he could’ve tried more.