Is she cheating on me?? You Decide!


Is she cheating on me?? You Decide!

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    April 13, 2015 at 10:56 pm #77168
    Is she cheating on me?? You Decide!

    Casual relationship x 3 weeks. Acting very fishy recently. Very flaky by nature and readily admits it.

    Yesterday was very fishy however- She texts me saying she really wants to hang out all excitedly as she has not seen me all weekend. We talked for a while (fun talk) and she says needs to get stuff done around her house and then I could come over. During the call, she says she got a call from her mom and promptly says she has to go. When I call her back, her voice is low and she says she still has a lot of stuff to do around the house and says “Maybe” we can hang out. I know this is a definite no.

    This might sound crazy but my suspicion is that since she smokes so much weed and doesn’t have that much money, that she is “friends with benefits” with her drug dealer. OR she has another friend with benefits or back with ex. Something is going on after experiencing this abrupt change in plans!!

    Question: Should I confront her and ask wtf is going on? or play it cool?

    April 14, 2015 at 11:06 am #77193

    UPDATE: She posts a snap chat “proving” she was actually cleaning her place with friends over. May she just changed her mind about hanging out as there was almost 2 hours between when she sent me the text and when I called her back. She is known to change her mind at the last minute and admits this. So maybe she isn’t cheating?
    I have a feeling she was texting me to make sure “I’m still there” and wanted the attention and security that I am still “there” to hang out at a moments notice whenever she feels like it as I “radio silenced” her over the past 3 days on purpose.

    Question: I like this girl as a “casual” gf but what can I do to make her want to hang out with me more? Be less and less available? OR keep texting and talking to her about all kinds of interesting things but make no mention of hanging out?

    Love to hear any advice!

    April 14, 2015 at 11:20 pm #77269

    Don’t text her about interesting things without an end game to meet up and spend face-to-face time together. Otherwise, you’re just building this girl up in your head based on a texting relationship.