Just a friendly waiter or sending me a message ?


Just a friendly waiter or sending me a message ?

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    April 10, 2017 at 3:46 am #132688
    Just a friendly waiter or sending me a message ?


    My first post here.

    For the last few weeks i have been going into Pret-a-manger to get egg and bacon rolls on my way to work in the morning.

    I dont normally get coffee from them, as its horrible, but a few times this particular girl asks me if i want coffee, to which I normally say no thanks, she smiles and says tea ? Again I say no. Then a few weeks ago I said yes and she didnt charge me, I thought nothing of it, then it happened again, and again every few days, same girl.

    Then i was wondering, if i asked for coffee from a different person would i get charged or not ? I did that last week and had to pay £2 odd for the coffee as i was served by someone else as she was not in.

    Then today tht girl was in again and I got a free coffee again ? shes probably about late 20s early 30s, at least 10 years my junior. Is she sending me a message or is it simply cause I am a regular ?

    She always smiles when she sees me and asks how I am etc.

    Not sure…

    April 10, 2017 at 3:01 pm #132760

    ok.. so mostly you should always assume they are just being nice and doing their job.
    the potential difference here is she asked you about you. so there is possibilities here.

    but.. let’s get more specific. Does she only small talk ask about you? or does she do follow up questions and really ask things beyond small talk? does she remember things you said before and ask you about them? (like she remembers you went to go rock climbing 2 weekends ago and asks how it went?)

    if its just small talk. probably nothing.
    if its more than small talk – probably something.

    for this one.. i say start asking her about her and see if she dves into more details about herself.
    if your’e feeling good vibes, ask for her number.

    (tehre is one time i had similar experience with my local Jamba Juice gal.. i wish i asked her # – she told me one day she was leaving and where she was going. shou’dve asked her # then!)