Just Discovered New Ex Slept With My Gay Male Friend. Now What?


Just Discovered New Ex Slept With My Gay Male Friend. Now What?

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    August 10, 2015 at 9:57 am #83821
    Just Discovered New Ex Slept With My Gay Male Friend. Now What?

    I just broke up with my bf about 2 weeks ago because he kept cancelling plans and did not want to fully commit to me only. After the break up, I told my gay male friend about the most recent incident that lead to our breakup. Mind you – I never talked to this friend about my relationship with my ex until after the breakup.

    Out of the blue, my gay male friend starts telling me intimate details about my ex that I never told him before – like where he lives, what type of apartment he lives in, and his political beliefs. Furthermore, my gay male friend wrote an ad about my ex and suggested that I post the ad in the classified section of a gay website. That ad was very accurate and pretty much described my ex’s sexual preferences and physical attributes down to the letter.

    My gay friend has denied everything, from not knowing my ex to not being gay himself. I feel that he’s lying. My ex 2 timed both of us so he shouldn’t lie. Should I end our friendship and confront my ex?

    September 8, 2015 at 12:12 am #85257

    Depends on the type of friendship you have with him. But if you feel a sting of betrayal (which most would) and feel like you can’t trust them….then yeah move on and find a friend you can actually put your trust into. If you have to second guess a friendship then its not exactly a healthy one.

    But again, not sure how long or solid your friendship has been with this person.