long time crush


long time crush

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    June 15, 2013 at 3:51 pm #33403
    long time crush

    Ok. Long story. I have been working with a particular woman for the past six years and have had a huge crush on her for the past five. We get along fantastically and she is constantly flirting with me to the point that all of our coworkers thought we were an item. Our shifts overlapped (she works overnights and I worked the evenings) until I transferred to days. But we still always talked and flirted when we saw each other. We are both in our mid-thirties.

    I was married when we first met and never pursued anything with this woman. I divorced recently however and decided to ask her out. Things could not have gone better. Our first date ended in the most spectacular kiss I think I’ve ever experienced and for the next two weeks we were practically inseparable.

    Then suddenly I stopped hearing from her. She stopped responding to texts and wouldn’t answer my phone calls. When I finally did get a chance to talk to her she told me she was sorry that I felt she led me on and that I had zero chance of being with her and that she wasn’t sure we could be friends anymore. She claimed she had no idea why she kissed me or dated me. She says that she doesn’t socialize at all and has never really dated anyone, and yet her close friends have told me that she has been talking to another guy after she dated me. I really don’t think I did anything wrong and, to be honest, this has completely devastated me. I pined after this woman for years. I’d be happy just to be her friend again, and have told her as much, but all I get is silence.

    Am I missing something?