Lost about everything (Kinda rambly)


Lost about everything (Kinda rambly)

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    September 7, 2019 at 9:41 pm #206688
    Lost about everything (Kinda rambly)

    To give context
    In college
    Cant drive
    And the only relationship I had went from kissing like just a peck to a the girl touching me 3 times then stoping cuz we were on a bus. (Highschool was strange)

    So now im trying to find a girlfriend but idk how to go about it.
    I dont have much experience. Ive never went somewhere with a girl.
    I just messaged people and did things at highschool.

    The other issue is im kinda picky.
    I want someone thats happy.
    Outgoing enough to talk first sometimes
    And shares some interests.
    Also I have to be somewhat physically attracted to them but thats kinda obvious.

    Ive tried tinder and bumble and thats not gone well
    I cant go to a bar cuz the whole 19 thing
    And unless I have a class with someone I cant just approach someone thats weird

    Idk I also dont see why someone would want to date me is the other issue
    Like I said no car no job but I have money
    I am funny and im not ugly but not really buff or stunningly handsome