Masculine Strength


Masculine Strength

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    June 19, 2015 at 6:45 pm #81361
    Masculine Strength

    The ability to go out and get things done. The ability to stand on
    your own two feet. The ability to make money, live good, have
    relationships with beautiful women is all yours. In fact, it’s always
    been yours and you have it. You don’t need anything outside to
    superficially create it. It is in your nature. Just like a lion or
    tiger encaged in captivity has in its nature to tear its zookeeper or
    zebra to shreds.

    However, in order to release this power an explode to a new level you
    have to confront two things. 1.) You’ve been lied to 2.) You have
    to take responsibility now.

    1.) You’ve been lied to. The obvious truth is that the media and the
    masses have conspired to take your masculinity from you. They have done
    this from when you were a child. Since the dawn of feminism in the late
    20th century we have gone from plowing the fields on farms with our
    fathers to being taught by mostly female teachers and raised by mothers.
    All of this occuring while our fathers were at work. The bond, the
    relationship, necessary to sprout or vital energy was watered down or
    in many cases not established fully to begin with. Due to this we have
    witnessed a lost generation of young men without knowing what to do
    but being blind followers to mass confusion and a gynocentric society

    2.) The #1 power you have in life is to take responsibility. Now that
    you know you have the power to create what you want, the second step
    is to take responsibility for where you are now. Without complaint or
    feeling sorry for your current lot (whatever that may be) you must
    take responsibility and own what you are and where you are at. In taking
    responsibility it is important to be real with yourself of where you are
    and what you are right now. If you were to travel to China and were in
    New York you would need a precise map and would have to know exactly
    where you are and want to go. Otherwise you would get lost and not make
    it to your destination.

    Let go of victimhood and be a victor. Recognize that you have the power to achieve what you
    achieve what you want as a man.

    Let go of victimhood and be a victor. Own your desires as a man, and recognize you have the
    power to achieve what you want as a man.

    June 25, 2015 at 2:04 am #81561