Mixed messages… Help


Mixed messages… Help

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    March 26, 2017 at 1:34 am #131180
    Mixed messages… Help

    So I need some advice very bad. There’s this girl i met back in October and things seem to be going relatively well. Well my problem is that I’m not entirely sure what we are. We’re talking since then & we’ve went on 1 kinda date it was a charity dance. we hit it off really well & we talk almost everyday. She calls me every night before she goes to sleep & she says that a lot of time she can’t sleep without talking before she goes to bed. like all the signs are there I call her pet names like sweetie honey and that kind of stuff and she asked me all the time who I have told about her in my family. But despite all that, earlier tonight she asked me again she said well they know that we’re just friends right? My reply was well yes I told them that we haven’t made anything official yet. She tells me then that she’s not sure if that’ll happen you know?” So… My ? is what do I do? Do i leave well enough alone & keep on? Do I bring it up? Its like we are but w/out the title. Idfk. Help plz

    March 26, 2017 at 5:23 pm #131191

    Depending on how much you like her, I would be straight up with her and ask what her deal is. Sometimes it can be hard not knowing, but its better to ask and then you can know where you stand.