Mixed signals ??


Mixed signals ??

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    April 17, 2017 at 9:34 pm #133476
    Mixed signals ??

    So I met this guy on tinder.
    So we was talking on tinder and he asked to add me on WhatsApp because he was going offshore, (oil worker) so we talk casually no flirty stuff. So he asked me if he can come over I tried to avoid it as I hadn’t told him I have 3 kids. I decided to drop the bombshell as I ran out of excuses, and said they wasn’t in bed so he said when they go to bed!. So he came round, I’m in my pjs no make up we are talking and have a lot in common he gives me some really good signals like reaching out to touch my arm etc, then out of no where he kisses me , tells me I’m really good looking, he kissed me a few times, he asked me to lay in his arms while we watch TV, so I did it was cosy, he kissed me more, I was so nervous he knew it , and tried to put me at ease, he left and kissed me before he left and text me when he got home. I messaged him this morning to see if he got to work ok and nothing ! He’s read the message and been on the app a few times but no reply

    April 17, 2017 at 9:43 pm #133477

    Continued – he seems like a decent guy good job , good family has his life in order doesn’t seem like a sex pest cheater or a one night stander !! I actually can’t get him off my brain ! Or the kissss ! The last message I have off him is him saying he will see me in a few weeks ! And when we was on the sofa he was kind of including me in his future like we had a conversation about temper , I said it takes a lot for me to loose it and he said oh so if you go mental at me I know iv done something terrible! He didn’t seem to mind about the kids and even asked about them! He was very affectionate he had his arm around me and was like stroking me but not in a weird way ! I was surprised how fast he moved from asking me to sit with him to kissing me , that raised a red flag ! But I don’t know iv been out of the dating game a while !!
    Does he like me ? Or was he just after sex befor he went away for two weeks ?