Mixed signals and messed up?


Mixed signals and messed up?

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    September 26, 2017 at 2:16 am #150331
    Mixed signals and messed up?

    Need some help on trying to figure this one out so let me know what you think. Not so much dating but relationship.

    There was this gay dude at the company i work for, hallway chatted a couple times but caught him glancing over a few times. He added me on LinkedIn and a few weeks laters he left the company.
    I was away so sent him an email saying too bad and, after me saying I would miss the farewell drinks, he suggested we have them when I am back.
    Fast forward and we are out having drinks the too of us. We hit it off well and he finds out I am gay (apparently he didn’t know) and he tell someone me he has a boyfriend.
    He offers to walk me to my car. We both were tipsy and joking around. Arrange to meet up and go to the gym etc. Time to say goodbye for the night and we hugged for a little longer than you’d hug a friend and tells me ‘trust me’ – which I took to be ‘trust me I’d want more if I didn’t have a boyfriend’. We peck kiss and I must say I tried to make it more than a peck, to which he just keeps lips tight. We say good bye and he leaves.

    I sent him a text saying safe drive, and hit you up for that hanging offer but didn’t get a reply.

    To be honest I don’t want anything other than be friends (no sex) with this guy. Have I messed it up? I want to send him a text to arrange to meet for gym/squash but not sure how he’s gonna take it. Did I mess this potential friendship up? Any help is welcome