Mixed Signals (Need Women's Advice)


Mixed Signals (Need Women's Advice)

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    October 24, 2014 at 11:20 am #66511
    Mixed Signals (Need Women's Advice)

    Okay so after finally giving in due to thinking I don’t need online dating to find someone I finally gave in and did it. I’ll try and make this as short as possible lol. So I found a girl on match.com that I found very attractive and thought based on her profile we may be a good…well..match. I emailed her and we exchanged numbers and started texting a little. She didn’t respond after a bit and sometimes she would be quick with responses and sometimes take a really long time. I asked her if she could hang out that weekend coming up but she had something to do all weekend (mostly family parties and the like). I assumed she wasn’t interested so I stopped texting her. Just as a side note, I got out of a long distance relationship with a girl I had met on a cruise a few months back so I may also be accustomed to texting a lot since we obviously had to keep in touch that way most of the time. Anyway, so last week on Friday she texted me apologizing for being MIA and said she had a crazy week and asked if I was free to get drinks soon. I told her I was pretty much free all weekend but she had prior plans so we decided on Sunday. We met up at a bar in NYC and it went better than I could have ever expected. Great conversation, never an awkward moment, lots of laughter and we both agreed we were having a great time. She then totally surprised me and went in for a kiss. I was only suprised because 1) it was my first online dating meet up and I know girls don’t usually like to kiss on the first date and 2) I never had a girl make the move first lol. Anyway so it went really well and we agreed to meet on Thursday after she got a feel for what her week would be like. I know she has a crazy schedule and is very busy by now but then she canceled on Thursday. She did have a valid excuse and she does seem like she wants to hang out again but she doesn’t text me often and I guess the cancellation concerned me a little although she assured me she does want to hang out. Should I give up or is it just that she realy is busy? I think it was her kissing me that really threw me off lol.

    October 25, 2014 at 1:11 am #66542

    Sounds similiar to a situation I find myself in. I”ve been dating a woman I met on a dating site and we’ve been on four dates that have all gone very well. But she is always busy and has a hard time making dates with me. She is a single mom to a teenage daughter and has two jobs so it is understandable to a degree. However, she’s now become so unavailable that it’s become ridiculous. She basically told me that her life will b super busy from now in October until the second week of January. I ask her about making time to at least get together once in a while and she was not very optimistic about it. So I’m wondering is she really this busy or is she just having fun with me & it won’t go anywhere. While I would like advice on this myself, it seems to me that when you are really interested in someone and you really like them romantically, you make some time to be with that person. Right? If one person is not going to be able to do that, it’s not very fair to the other person.

    October 25, 2014 at 11:50 am #66547

    Oh wow that’s crazy. It definitely isn’t fair to you and I would suggest maybe looking elsewhere. I feel a little better in my situation as she reassured me that she is interested and that when I get back from vacation in Texas her schedule won’t be as hectic so we’ll see.