Mr. Ex or Mr. English?


Mr. Ex or Mr. English?

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    June 12, 2013 at 9:55 pm #33390
    Mr. Ex or Mr. English?

    I was in a relationship for three years to a man who I believed was the one. A few months ago I was introduced to a wonderful person through a mutual friend. This person was a man that lives in England. While initially it started off innocently, things begin to heat up between us. We had so many things in common! Our personalities just fit together so perfectly. It made me realize all the faults there were within my current relationship. I continue this affair with my English man for about a month before my boyfriend found out. At which point I broke up with him for my new found love. About three weeks later I flew to England for vacation. Obviously I met up with Mr English. The trip was fantastic I enjoyed every minute of it. While he may come off a bit strong there’s so many things about him that I really love and can see working in my life. However while in England I found myself missing my ex greatly. We talked quite a bit and I believed that I made a mistake and breaking up with him. Despite everything between my ex and I, I still had a fantastic time with Mr English and you could very easily see myself living there with him. Now, I’m back home in closer contact with my ex but in constant contact with Mr English. Now comes my problem. Do I want to be with my ex or do I want to be with Mr English? Do I want to be with a man who I spent three years with? Who i care about so deeply but I’m not sure I see a real future with? Or do i want to be with the man that I’m not physically attracted to that much but who I have so much chemistry with that I have so many things in common including life goals? I feel like I’m such a mess and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Mr English invited me to live with him in England! I would absolutely love to move to England because I’m a traveler at heart, but is this the right decision for me? I have been talking to Mr English for 5 months. I know him well, and I met him twice including a 10 day trip England in his hometown. Someone please just tell me what to do! Because I have no clue anymore…