My online dating profile – i love criticism


My online dating profile – i love criticism

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    January 25, 2016 at 1:51 pm #92084
    My online dating profile – i love criticism

    Hi, I am completely new to online dating (or dating at all for that matter) and I would really appreciate a review of my online dating profile ( I love receiving criticism, so dont hold back. Its longer than I can write here so I will continue it in the comments.
    “If it was anyone else, that would be kind of a weird thing to do. But for [myname]? Yeah that sounds about normal.” Its nice to know that I have friends who understand me

    One look at my weekly schedule and you would notice that I like to live a busy life style. I am currently an engineering student exploring the fascinating world of [engineering discipline]. I also have a strong love of cycling. I do a lot of recreational riding as well as bicycle related volunteer work. I am also passionate about nature, especially the ocean… and trees.
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    January 25, 2016 at 1:52 pm #92085

    This is why my ideal place to live would be Victoria BC. The city is such a clean and environmentally friendly place with so many opportunities for outdoor adventuring. I have other interesting hobbies as well, but some details you just have to earn.

    Im not perfect though. Honestly im a little awkward and weird at first, but then once people get to know the real me, they become attached and wont let go.

    I like to think that a persons youtube history says a lot about them. Mine is mostly filled with swing dancing and jazz music, cycling, some comedy, but also a lot of random educational videos to satisfy my curiosity. Did you know that the brain of an octopus extends through its tentacles, allowing each one to think for themselves?

    So what am I looking for?

    The main qualities I look for in a person are intelligence and a love of learning new things. Someone who is afraid of trying something outside of their comfort zone, but does it anyway. (continue below)