Need a bit of input quickly.


Need a bit of input quickly.

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    May 30, 2013 at 5:23 pm #32444
    Need a bit of input quickly.

    Hey all, Just need a bit of advice. I just today re-entered the dating game after a 6 year hiatus. Long story short I always seemed to attract the batshit crazy ones. I turned 25 a few weeks ago. I’m a bit rusty with women romantically now.

    There is a girl at work who has pretty much been aggressive flirting with me, backing off when I don’t respond only to dive in again when I initiate a conversation with her. She’s 19.

    A week ago we had a meeting at work about improving productivity and a bad supercell thunderstorm came through. Not sure if she was just flirting or if she was genuine but she was jumping all over and hiding her face in my shoulders. Meeting ended I told everyone bye and dipped.

    Thought about it overnight and determined something about this girl is different than the ones and dated and have flirted with me. I didn’t see her at work until today so I strolled up and asked her if she wanted to go smoke illicit substances and talk after work, then we exchanged numbers.

    I left work at 3 and was informed that she didn’t want me to drive across town to pick her up and that her sister wants to tag along. No idea the age of the sister, been trying to get a hold of her but it was extremely busy when I left so I haven’t heard back.

    This kind of threw me off because my plans aren’t going to be put into effect tonight, and my cousin pointed out maybe the just wanna smoke all my shit up, and she hasn’t really flirted with me all day. Trying not to overthink things but it’s got me wondering.

    Opinions folks? Got about 2 hours until she gets off.