Need a girl perspective! Not sure when to contact her back and how…


Need a girl perspective! Not sure when to contact her back and how…

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    February 13, 2017 at 4:58 pm #126811
    Need a girl perspective! Not sure when to contact her back and how…

    Hi! Last week I met this girl during a birthday party, we have common life goals. When she was ready to leave, she said being off facebook, occupied recently with something, I agreed. She still stuck around for sometimes, when she finally left I just told her to take my name on her phone and she did in a note. She added me to a social network in the evening a bit later, saying “Lovely meeting you David, Look forward to connecting in the future.”
    2 messages later she said not to be able to meet before the end of the month even if she would rather be eager to. Asking me my best day of the week to meet. I told her that I’m away the last weekend 24-26 for an event. And she replied this me back:
    Interesting event. I would love to hear more about it. If not before the 24th then, maybe message me when you are back and resettled? Hope this finds you well and smiling, Warmly,
    Is she telling me to hold off for later or just saying we’ll figure out the meeting later but still want to chat?

    February 14, 2017 at 8:32 am #126854

    I wouldn’t like the tone she is using. It’s too formal and cold. It’s almost like she is looking to sell you something, or add you as a business connection.

    You have to actually flirt with her, mate. Mess with her a bit, and break her out of the stuffy messages. Because it sounds like a robot or something.

    A woman not wanting to meet you for a long period of time should drop right down your list of priorities. And you should look to set up other dates in the meantime. Place your attention into more productive options, or creating more options for yourself.

    Keep her on the backburner as a longshot. It’s unlikely that anything of significance will happen with her, so just message her when you’re bored for a laugh. Take off any pressure, and look to amuse yourself. With any luck, you can encourage her to engage with you in a different vibe.

    Have fun.