Need a woman's advice: should I ask her out?


Need a woman's advice: should I ask her out?

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    Rey Hysterio
    Rey Hysterio
    September 29, 2019 at 4:05 am #207701
    Need a woman's advice: should I ask her out?

    Hey I’m a guy and theres a girl who I liked since the first time I saw her this semester(its a month now). We dont share any classes unfortunately. We’ve talked twice and she didnt really seem to initiate conversation with me, tho that second time she waved at me first. Whenever I try talking to her she seems to try to end convos with me quickly. I asked one of her friends(who’s also good friends with my friends)to help me out with her. Initially she claimed that my crush doesnt like anyone and not looking for relationship, but later on she seemed to help. On lunchbreak, that friend was giggling when my crush arrived while looking at me and my crush. Instictively my crush also started giggling with her friends bcoz she seemed to get the hint that I like her. I’m not sure if the giggling was just shyness or something else. I couldnt talk with her much tho since they were all giggling.

    Given that she already suspects I like her, should I confess my feelings and directly ask her out?