Need Help With My Girl Friend,I'm Really Confused


Need Help With My Girl Friend,I'm Really Confused

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    December 2, 2016 at 4:31 pm #118929
    Need Help With My Girl Friend,I'm Really Confused

    Started dating a 19 yo Gurl
    She was really Sexual at first and then she would tell me the first days that we should not talk anymore i’m not a bitch etc,i keept telling her i accept you the way you are,also she keep’t telling me the good things don’t last forever etc,she told me if you leave me she will get hurt etc and keept overthinking everything telling me i cant help it, i keept telling her there is no reason of me to leave you,she was responding with love each time i gave her feelings she would do the same.
    The last days she started pulling back acting like a cold bitch i keept pressuring her asking her and all i got was I’m fine it’s not true that i don’t wanna talk to you 1-2 texts daily max,then i suddenly asked her if she feels the way she feelt before and she keeps changing the topic and told me I don’t know showing lack of interest and told me not to overthink stuff trying to make me look crazy.
    WENT ON NC 30TH day nothing from her!
    Ideas should i contact her?