Need some advice from a woman


Need some advice from a woman

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    February 9, 2016 at 10:12 am #93216
    Need some advice from a woman

    So I was talking to this one girl who I met through a mutual friend. A little back story on her is that he just got out of a long relationship and it didn’t end well. She lived with the guy over a year and dated for about 4 years. When she came back we started to talk and then date for about 2 weeks. It was really good, I haven’t liked a person like that in a while and caught feelings quickly and she felt the same (so she said). The she ended it because she wan’t over her x yet….but still wanted to hang out. We hung out a few times after and had fun but it was still weird because I had feelings for her still. Yesterday I hung out with her and her friends and it was fun. Then this guy gave her his number and she took it and they all kept talking about how cool he was and what not. That hurt more then anything but I kept my cool, but I don’t want to go through that again so I want to stop hanging out with her, how can I tell her without making her feel guilty?DoI just ignore her

    February 10, 2016 at 12:46 pm #93277

    I would just back out. You don’t have to “say” anything to her. The next time she asks you to join her and her friends, or her by herself, just say you have something to do. You may be too available for her, hence the “be my friend” thing. She likes that you’re attracted, but if there is nothing there for her, then you shouldn’t put yourself in a situation where she can hurt you.

    You can be friends later, if you like. But, you have to give yourself space and a little time to get over the feelings you have for her. It was kind of mean of her to talk about “that guy” in front of you. It’s one thing to take a guys number; sometimes, it’s just awkward and weird to say no, but it’s another entirely to talk about him in front of someone you know likes you! That was totally uncalled for. I agree that you should not have to go through that again.

    Maybe she’s not quite the person you thought she was.

    February 10, 2016 at 4:05 pm #93301

    Sometimes “I’m not over my ex” is a gentle way to get out of starting a relationship with someone. You don’t want to be the rebound guy anyway. You didn’t say how long she has been broken up with her last bf. That would make things clearer as to where her head is at. I agree that talking to that guy and taking his number in front of you was hurtful. Who needs that? There are lots of wonderful women out there waiting to meet you! Life is short…go have fun!