Need some perspective on a girl's behavior (and my own behavior, I guess)…


Need some perspective on a girl's behavior (and my own behavior, I guess)…

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    April 4, 2013 at 2:40 am #27717
    Need some perspective on a girl's behavior (and my own behavior, I guess)…

    Okay, so…I met this girl I like who had some classes with me. We talked a couple of times, but I was a little shy around her. Shy might not even be the right word. Perhaps just a little standoffish? Aloof? She was sort of quiet herself.

    School ends and I request her on FB (Lame on my part, I know. I’m not good at talking to her in person, but great at talking to people through computers where I don’t have to worry about saying anything stupid). She adds me and we talk. We have a couple of really nice online conversations and talk about perhaps hanging out…

    Unfortunately, nothing comes out of it.

    Then we fall out of contact. A few months later, I meet another girl through a mutual friend. I start dating this new girl. It’s easier to get with her, because the relationship was basically set up by the friend and I knew she liked me. Also, she lives in the next town over, while the girl from school lives a good a good thirty minutes away. I am in a relationship with the girl who lives near me for close to a year. Then, a couple months ago, the relationship ends. I’m single again.

    A couple months after the relationship ends, I hear from the girl who I met at school on FB. She asks me how I’m doing, wishes me well, etc. I excitedly and immediately respond and ask her how she’s doing. It takes her a couple days to respond. No problem. I’m sure she’s a busy person. I wait a day or two to respond to not look too overeager.

    Then I don’t hear from her at all. After waiting a month, I contact her again. No response. I haven’t talked to her since.

    So, where did I go wrong? Is she mad at me for taking too long with her and eventually ending up with someone else? Is there any way to salvage this or should I just move on?

    April 11, 2013 at 4:56 pm #28436

    Oh you definitely should try again. Be direct this time. Ask her to meet up and set a time and place. Don’t go for a serious dinner or anything but really try to meet in person. If you think it’ll be awkward because you’ve only talked online, then bring other friends. Find a social setting and see if she’s down to hang out. Don’t over analyze online behavior, it’s not reality, just a little tease in our mind.

    All you can do is ask. If she doesn’t respond, oh well, she may not see you as more than just a friend and you’ll live with it, but you have an opp to ask her out and get to know the girl. She is still a stranger to you. See what’s up.