Need Womans Advice (Rose Drawing OTT Office crush)


Need Womans Advice (Rose Drawing OTT Office crush)

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    February 7, 2015 at 8:48 am #72813
    Need Womans Advice (Rose Drawing OTT Office crush)

    I started a new job and right from the start I saw this beautiful girl. She initiated group work lunches every week, during which makes a effort to get to know me, always smiles and says hi every time she sees me, holds my eye contact and she will go out of her way to be nearer to me during the lunches.

    Right rom my job interview 6 months before she walked past looked behind herself and smiled at me, two times in a row, i get that same smile every time I see her. From what I have seen she is interested but also wants to be quite discrete while work. I would like to let her know I am interested too, is drawing a rose (I am excellent at drawing, bad at spelling and grammar, apologies) and leaving it on her office desk OTT on the 14th, Just the drawing, no words, I am sure she’ll know it’s from me.

    It’s impossible for me to get 1-1 time with her at work. So not really sure how to let her know I am interested.

    Thanks for reading, I hope……just I hope.

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    February 8, 2015 at 2:22 pm #72840

    Hey, maybe you should just hang out with her before giving her that sketch.
    the time and effort put in a sketch sure says a lot.. but you don’t want to feel stupid incase she doesn’t feel the way you do.. Keep it light for now.. and just ask her out for some snacks or something after work..