Never faced rejection…Is he FADING me?!


Never faced rejection…Is he FADING me?!

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    August 17, 2015 at 12:21 am #84182
    Never faced rejection…Is he FADING me?!

    I met a guy a week ago and since then we’ve dated 4x! His approach was very different compared to any guy I’ve ever entertained and after the 4th day he said he knew I was the one. At first I wasn’t coming on as strong as he was but he has really sparked my interest and I let it be known. Our last date was the first time we kissed and it seemed as if everything was well. But over the past three days I’ve noticed that he’s always busy “working” and he’s not as responsive as he initially was.He used to say he would always make time for me now I can’t get a full five minutes of conversation. I asked if he no longer wanted to be bothered and he denied that saying he was tied up, we only missed speaking for a day and I was over reacting. Today, he didn’t even respond to my text. Is he fading me…should I delete his contact info and move on?? I know it’s only been a week but I really want to get to know him and can’t understand why he’s changing. HELP??

    Avey Wilde
    Avey Wilde
    August 17, 2015 at 7:53 am #84183

    Although you may never have experienced rejection, please comprehend that it is a reality and is primarily the result of a relationship’s failure. I may not know this male, yet if he declared you to be the one after merely the fourth day, he is not probable to actually commit and probably only proclaimed it as a result of passion rather than the result of actual regard for you.
    Relationships involve the effort of both participants in order to thrive. If you believe that he is ignoring you is not contributing anything to the relationship, confront him about it and emphasize that if events continue to occur as they have between the two of you that your relationship cannot and will not continue and that you will conclude it. That may not be what you desire at the moment, yet if he is too preoccupied to spend a sufficient amount of time with you or even seriously listen to your concerns and explain why he cannot spend as much time with you as you wish, he probably has no real interest