Never seen a story like mine before


Never seen a story like mine before

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    March 12, 2017 at 10:03 pm #129862
    Never seen a story like mine before

    I’m 60 and never had a boyfriend. People tell me I’m attractive (did a Marilyn Monroe gig at my singles club). I am shy, don’t have many friends, never had many males in my life growing up. Been on dating sites since the 1980’s, doesn’t matter what photos I have or what I write – have even paid “gurus” for advice. Joined singles clubs and even went on a cruise, but no interest. I do try to ask “shy guys” out, and ended up spending years (over a decade in one case) going out to dinner and movies and even on vacations, hoping it would turn into more than “just friends.” Once in a while a man will talk to me online or at a singles event, but they ask about my “never married” status. If I say no man has been interested in me romantically, they usually express disbelief. Psychologists I’ve seen tell me I’m “normal,” but don’t have any suggestions for me. Just had to sadly exit another, 4-year “non-relationship” after a 3-day vacation together and only superficial talk from him .