New member. Interesting situation w/ a shy girl – need advice from men & women!


New member. Interesting situation w/ a shy girl – need advice from men & women!

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    January 22, 2017 at 3:15 pm #124021
    New member. Interesting situation w/ a shy girl – need advice from men & women!

    A few mths ago i met a girl at a shop where she works, we clicked. Shes totally my type. We ended up txtng. after i gave her my biz card. I did that to make her feel more comfortable.. she’s 20 im 31. She txtd me a few days later.

    We txtd back & forth, but she said very little, & was short with her words most of the time. We had a few short back-and-forths that were great, but only a few. I decided we should meet soon before it gets stale. We did.

    I met her at a local campus to help her study.. she works and goes to school full time so her availability was limited. We ended up talking for a while about all sorts of stuff. It was nice, but i realized she has a rough possibly abusive home life. She doesn’t really date or have flings either.

    For a wk after, she contd to seem uninterested so i gave up, but i let her know why. I stopped in a month later to say Merry Xmas & chat. It was nice. Hadn’t spoke to her since. She txtd me yesterday afternoon out of blu, but is still not saying much. WTF!?

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    January 23, 2017 at 1:19 pm #124132

    have all her texts been in response to a text you gave (even if not immediately returned)?
    or has she initiated a text conversation with you on her own without responding to one of yours?

    shy/inexperienced girls means just that- they are shy and inexperienced. thats the stage when yo don’t know how its supposed to go or what your role is. so give her a bit of undersatnding on that – we all were “ignorant innocent kids” at one point in the same boat when we all started dating. ok?

    you’ll have to be patient with this one and understanding.
    you’ll have to focus on getting to know her – rather than keeping up with a schedule of “milestones” to achieve.

    good luck.

    January 28, 2017 at 2:17 am #124824

    Hey rich., thanks for the thoughtful response! A little bit of an update before i ask the main question (at the end):

    (I was trying to fit in more information for the initial post but there is a limited amount of characters)

    Answer to 1st Q: No, she has a habit of texting me first then falling off the face of the earth. Regular get to know you texting wasn’t working so i decided to make my responses more interesting.. neither worked. Leading the conversation didn’t work either. So I gave up when ‘it’ continued after we met.

    When she contacted me a week ago, her text was just a “hey”, followed by a “yeaa hi”. Then that was it! I didn’t try to contact her after that & it’s been a week with no word from her. Needless to say i am confused.

    The funny thing is I’ve had that talk with her – letting her know i was in her shoes at some point, were all clumsy at this at first & yada ya.

    The “main” question: What do you mean by milestones?.. for you that is.. you seem to offer good advice.

    January 28, 2017 at 7:08 am #124833

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