New social platform JETPIC hepls you when you are in doubt


New social platform JETPIC hepls you when you are in doubt

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    New social platform JETPIC hepls you when you are in doubt

    Other social platforms help you create virtual life, Jetpic improves your real one!!

    Jetpic connects people through their photos and supports formative feedback. Unlike Facebook, Jetpic users remain anonymous to encourage honest and objective feedback and minimize social pressure, prejudice and other inhibiting factors.
    “Give-and-get-feedback model is what makes the website rolling. A quick response to every pic is guaranteed,” says Marcin Watorek, the main developer. “In addition, an aspect of anonymity should not only encourage people to freely test anything looks-related like clothes, hairstyle, makeup, even a smile or a pose – but also stimulate honesty.”
    Some of the things that the app can help the users with include:
    *Choosing the best outfit for various occasions: social event, date, work, school
    *Selecting the best photo for various online platforms: social, professional
    *Creating a unique style
    *Making the right choice in the fitting room