Not sure if coworker is just looking for attention


Not sure if coworker is just looking for attention

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    November 18, 2015 at 11:11 pm #88710
    Not sure if coworker is just looking for attention

    I started chatting up a coworker. We’ve gone on some breaks. She’s nice and she and I message on the company messenger. She’s flirty back but I feel like she just likes the attention. She seemed up for drinks one day but I was too wishy washy about where to go and then she just changed the subject. Today, we went down to get food and she got me. Again, I wonder if she just likes the attention. I haven’t bluntly asked if she’s interested, because I feel like I should do that on a date. I was kind of following her back to her desk but she had to work, and she kind of joked about me following her like a puppy dog. I think I ruined it by following her and coming off as needy. Damnit, i always screw it up. Any chance I can repair the damage? Ugh, hard being a man. We all basically fall under the spell of a woman

    November 19, 2015 at 12:02 am #88714

    Tough call. Especially in the workplace where we’re all supposed to be friendly. And women like attention. Wait and see if she contacts you without you initiating conversation. There’s your start. Then go back to the light-hearted joking/flirting, propose a meal/HH one a day that feels right.

    If no response, leave it at that. For now. Maybe run into on another break or something.

    The workplace stuff is tough on me too. I’m in in over my head a little bit with this gal I know. Just play it cool for yourself and not overly eager with her.