Now she just wants friendship, but i want more.


Now she just wants friendship, but i want more.

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    May 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm #32099
    Now she just wants friendship, but i want more.

    I met this wonderful woman, we fell in love and things were wonderful. Eventually she and son moved in with me and my son. Things were ok for awhile but then shit hit the fan. I texted another woman who was just a platonic friend of mine, nothing more. One day when i took my son to the park i left my phone at home and my girlfriend found it, when she saw i texted another woman she freaked out. I tried to reason with her that she was just a friend, nothing more but she wouldn’t listen. She almost left the apartment that night and made her and her son homeless, but she changed her mind and instead stayed in my back bedroom for an entire week and refused to let me talk to her. Well during this time i acted in a way i shouldn’t of acted in this situation and well when she came out of the bedroom after a week she dropped the “Lets just be friends” bomb on me.

    She still lives with me and i’m really much in love with her. I been seeking advice on what to do from mens dating sites on how to deal with a woman who gives you the “lets just be friends” card, but none of the information is helpful in my situation since she lives with me i can’t avoid her for a week or not talk to her. I really love this woman and i can’t bring myself to kick her out, shes got no money, no job, nothing. I want her back as my girl. What should i do?