our genotype not a match


our genotype not a match

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    July 1, 2017 at 2:11 pm #141223
    our genotype not a match

    hi everyone,have been dating this particular girl for over 9months and already we are feeling like a total match, you know we are good together, forgives each other easily, she loves me and i love her too, 3days ago she called me and that was when this issue started.
    she: hi
    me: how are you doing sweet heart?
    she: am good>>sweet, i have a question i wanna ask you.
    thinking its just normal questions
    me:oooh there u wanna ask how to buy bitcoin again?
    she: nope i wanna ask something serious
    me: i said okay, shoot dear.
    she:it might break us..
    me: common nothing is gonna break us, if that shit in school didnt …
    she: laughed>>>well whats your genotype
    me:after like 10sec silence, i answered and said since you are asking you must be AS
    she: yes
    me: i told her i did the test twice and the result was different.one was AA and the last AA
    i know am AS
    what do we do?
    what do i do?
    we are still young
    but we love each other
    should we continue the relationship??