Partner has issues, Should I see other women?


Partner has issues, Should I see other women?

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    September 14, 2017 at 3:06 pm #149059
    Partner has issues, Should I see other women?

    So my Female Partner is wonderful in a lot of ways but due to some preexisting conditions and a mostly traumatic/negative sexual history our sex life is really weird. She is sexually dysfunctional and doesn’t really enjoy it the way i do she does it out of love for me / perceived obligation.
    I was basically a virgin when i met her and she slept around alot before meeting me (she says most of the time it wasnt cause she liked it it was cause she thought it was what she was supposed to do)

    I have basically been her therapist for years, I have Been a patient delicate lover that respects all her wishes and ideas yet 80% of the time she doesn’t have any thoughts on what she would like or what i should do other than that hurts or that doesn’t hurt.

    She has said i could sleep with other women in the past but that she only wants to be with me.
    I haven’t taken her up on it yet out of fear of her wanting to be with another as well.

    Lately ive been considering trying it.