Planting a seed for the future


Planting a seed for the future

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    February 2, 2018 at 10:10 am #164372
    Planting a seed for the future

    I’m 30, in a 5 year relationship with my gf (also 30) which is not going well. Deep down I know we are probably one more conflict away from finishing it.

    About three months ago, at work (I work in a pharmaceutical company) we recruited a new girl who I don’t work with directly but we clicked and got on really well. She’s 24, single and knows I’m in a relationship. We’ve never expressed any romantic feelings, but both make efforts to see each other every now and then for “catch ups” and sometimes dinner. Based on the signals, I think there is a bit of romantic tension and curiosity between us.

    Signals are: 1) She went out of her way to tell me she’s single. 2) she makes an effort to make arrangements with me and 3) Body language

    I’m finding it difficult to handle this situation because:

    1) I won’t cheat – period
    2) Don’t think it’s wise to jump from a long term relationship into a new one
    3) I see a future with the new girl and don’t want to be friend zoned forever!