Playing hot or cold?


Playing hot or cold?

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    April 1, 2019 at 1:03 pm #198007
    Playing hot or cold?

    Hi everyone. In dire need of good advice.

    I work with a cute Chinese girl co-worker (28 years old) at the office and sometimes i see her staring at me or starts teasing me like hey you alive? Or tapped me on the shoulder. But when i talk to her she nearly always gives me short replies while busy typing like. Yes, good, haha, omg

    She is someines pushy with work, but am reasonably confident, challenge her and after some flirts one evening when i could not return home she pursued someone giving me a ride home due to an accident happening somewhere. I told her the next day “that was so cute no one ever has done that for me”. I also told her she was pretty and intelligent during conversation and she blushed

    But always the next day she almost totally ignores me playing cold

    Finally i decide to give up on her short comments and resume work but she offered me a ride in her car. We had some fun talking but next monday work is busy few opportunity to talk but playing cold again. Help :(:(

    April 1, 2019 at 1:08 pm #198008

    I would love to ask her out but we barely get to talk and people are everywhere also near the coffeemachine and she never responds to whatsapp

    I dont know how Chinese women are . I am getting plenty of signals she likes me . I managed to say to her that i really enjoyed time with her in the car but she smiled and went back to work like no conversation ever happened

    April 1, 2019 at 1:50 pm #198009

    She may not be interested in you beyond co-worker/friendship.
    When you were in her a car it was a perfect time to ask her out as she was dropping you off.
    For all you know she may be dating someone.

    Generally speaking whenever you have to “figure someone out” it means they’re not all that into you.
    At age 28 regardless of nationality/race if she were into you she would not give you the “cold shoulder”.

    Experience would have taught her that a man will move on if he senses there is no mutual interest.
    This is especially true in the “Me too” and “Times Up” climate we live in today.

    Try to meet her in the parking lot after work and ask her out.
    You might to invite her to a local festival, lunch, or something along those lines which is a daytime date.
    If she declines gage how she did so or what reason she gave before deciding to ask her out again.
    Any “hesitation” to respond or obvious scrambling for an excuse is not a good sign.
    If she genuinely sounds like she wishes she could go but can’t try her in the future.