Please HELP!! Why is SHE suddenly ignoring my texts when I know we have a thing?


Please HELP!! Why is SHE suddenly ignoring my texts when I know we have a thing?

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    December 2, 2012 at 6:08 am #17935
    Please HELP!! Why is SHE suddenly ignoring my texts when I know we have a thing?

    Hey everyone. I really could use some advice right now. Here’s why….

    * About 2 months ago me & this girl in my class started becoming pretty close. So 4 the past couple months we’ve been texting each other a lot, and actually getting to know each other fairly well. We even just went to dinner just the two of us a couple weeks ago. It went well and she even obviously hinted that she liked me.llAnd then she just suddenly stopped responding 2 my texts….


    *She is a very very shy girl who obviously isn’t the biggest socializer, but is no doubt a very nice girl. I could tell it was kind of hard 4 her to loosen up to a stranger,being me, but she certainly did and without much effort.
    *We began 2 text eachother for nearly hours back to back to back numerous times…

    * The when I asked her to get lunch she told me she was up for it, but she wanted to know why I was interested in her, “being so nerdy, and reserved” and then she immediately sent me another text saying “it’s not like I’m complaining or anything :)”

    * So LONG STORY SHORT, everything was going well, we certainly seemed 2 be crushing on eachother, but she would sometimes text me, I would respond, and then she just wouldn’t respond.
    *A couple days later she again texted me and I responded 2 her text & asked how she was. She again didn’t respond all day, so that night, being kind of fed up with her mixed messages, I texted her saying, ” I dont know why I even asked. I shoulda Known u wouldn’t even respond.” She immediately texted me sincerely apologizing, saying that shes bad with checking her phone in general and that she was writing an essay all day.
    ** I was kind of irritated at this point and then said ” You don’t have 2 make up excuses. I get it.” I said this because I thought that maybe she was making up excuses for not responding, and that she was actually ignoring me. But now I think I may have been wrong 2 say that BC I know she is really busy with work and school and shit….

    **Anyhow, she then texted back saying ” Omg, R you serious?” And I responded back saying “what am i supposed 2 think when you don’t respond to my texts?”

    She never responded back, that was the last we talked. A few days later I texted her saying ” I think u may have misunderstood what I was saying. Do u have a minute?
    She didnt respond to that, but remember this is all after we were becoming at our peak of closeness with each other.

    After she didn’t respond 2 that text it was my last straw. I am no longer making any attempts with her. No texts, no nothing. We both even just had to go 2 the class that were both in together, and I completely ignored her. I didn’t even look at her. I didn’t act all gloomy and lame.. I continued 2 be my usual positive self but literally completely ignored her. She kept walking by me over and over and over again, I think perhaps hoping I would attempt 2 talk to her???

    ** I don’t know though.. I’m so confused!!!!!! Is she playing tricks with me??

    ***Is she to shy to tell me her true feelings??? Should I move on??
    And should I ignore her? Or what would be the best way for me 2 act in this situation?? And yes I really like her!!