Please help with this guy!!


Please help with this guy!!

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    February 26, 2020 at 2:08 pm #230533
    Please help with this guy!!

    Last year I met a guy who I felt I had a great connection with and he admitted he really liked me.

    We were living in the same city at the time, so it was easy to see him. Unfortunately, after a few dates, I had to move home for unforeseen reasons, and we decided that we could not do a long-distance relationship.

    Six months passed before I contacted him again to stay in touch as I was moving back to the city. I asked if he wanted to meet for a drink, thinking that if he had a girlfriend, he would say no and that it was inappropriate.

    He did respond and said that he was with someone now but would still like to meet me as long as his girlfriend was ok with it, but he did sound enthusiastic.

    What shall I make of his intentions? Does he want to be friends, or does he still like me? We weren’t friends before; we were dating, so he wants to meet up has confused me! I don’t want to get involved with a love triangle!

    Please can you give me your opinion on how he feels?

    February 27, 2020 at 6:24 pm #230616

    “Six months passed before I contacted him again to {stay in touch}…”
    “I asked if he wanted to meet for a drink…”
    “What shall I make of his intentions? Does he want to be friends, or does he still like me?”
    “We weren’t friends before; we were dating, so him wanting to meet up has confused me!”

    Maybe (HE) is the one who is confused!
    You made it sound as if six months passed and you just reached out to “stay in touch”.
    Inviting someone to “meet for a drink” doesn’t exactly imply you want to hookup with him.

    Everything you’ve said implied this was going to be a {platonic meeting between two exes}.
    The fact he sought approval from his current girlfriend to meet with you shows he respects her.
    If he were looking to cheat he would have told her he was “meeting a friend” for drinks.

    Also remember it was YOU who initiated contact and invited HIM to meet you!
    Maybe HE should be wondering what YOUR intentions are?
    If he meets you and doesn’t flirt or talks about his girlfriend you’ll know (he) has moved on.

    March 1, 2020 at 7:37 pm #230676

    I’d stay clear of it. It could end up been a sticky situation that could be avoided. Mabey leave the door slightly open for him wish him well but mabey if one day your single again we could meet up then.

    Dont really understand why if he was happy with his new partner, he would want to meet up with you if he felt that way before hand. But saying that he did seek approval from current girlfriend, so mabey he thinks isn’t is just a friendly meeting.

    Still seems a bit weird If your was friends before hand then I could understand this but no he maybe trying to keep his options open.

    I take it you contacting him after 6 months was to rekindle what was happening before. Hes seems to have moved on 6 months n hes dated and made this new woman his girlfriend. Mabey get yourself back out there too.

    March 3, 2020 at 6:15 am #230717

    nice go get a drink both of you.