Really need a guys point of view about my issue


Really need a guys point of view about my issue

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    May 26, 2013 at 7:29 pm #32100
    Really need a guys point of view about my issue

    Hi guys!

    Sorry that im intruding your section but i really hope you can help me figuring something out. Beware, its a long story that started 2 weeks ago.

    I met a guy in october at a party and we instanly hit ot off. We talked and danced all night and i even drank a cup of tea at his place. We didn’t kiss, he said he was dating someone and he didnt want to cheat. the next few weeks we texted a lot and he wanted to meet up. He was still dating the girl but appareantly he was interested in me. i decided mot to go out with him because of the other girl and told him we could meet after he had broken things off with her. Until a few weeks ago we hadnt spoken to each other but i decided to contact him to see how he was doing. He said he wanted to meet me and i decided to go for it, not being sure if the girl was still in his life but i thought, 1 coffee, there is nothing wrong with that 🙂
    So we met and it was amazing.. We had amazing chemistry and talked for hours! He even wanted to cancel his appointment that evening to spend more time with me. I wanted to take it slow so i said he should go to his friends. He asked me out again at the end of our date. The next day we had our second date, we went drinking in a lot of different bars and at the end of the night we were both drunk. We kissed in the rain and we both went home. Two days later he asked me out on a third date, i came up with the idea to go to a comedy club, it was a lot of fun. After the show we went to my place and had sex. It was average/good sex but no fireworks, we both had been drinking. Oh btw this was on friday and he texted me every day that week, sometimes for no reason, just saying good morning. I’m gonna skip ahead to a week later, which was this friday. That was our fifth date (our fourth date was a dinner at his place).

    Fyi still a lot of chemistry going on and also long conversations.

    I invited him to eat at my place and to watch a movie. When he arrived at my house he wanted to talk about something. He told me that his exfriend had contacted him and that she regret the break up and want to get back together. He told me he doesnt want to get back together with her and that he is going to tell her that, also he said he wanted to tell her about me. He told me it doesnt mean anything but that he wanted to be honest with me because he didn’t know where this was going with me.

    We talked about it a little more but soon we were talking about other stuff and were having a great time. That night we had sex again and boy it was amazing! It wasnt the porn kind sex but real intimate sex, looking deep into each others eyes while we kissed. The next day we had breakfast and were sitting on the when i got in the mood again and tried to seduce him. He kinda turned me down: he said i had to study (which was true) and he didnt want to distract me. So he left. Btw we kissed for ten minutes in front of my door.

    Soooo, now finally im gonna tell you what is bothering me.
    he didnt text me at all that day (we usually texted 3 times per day).
    So i texted him during the night that my girls convinced me to have a drink with them (i told him i wasnt going out because i had to study). So i sent the text, he saw it, went offline, came back online a hour later and went offline again. Didnt hear anything until today, asking me if i had fun. Bla bla we sent each other a few messages and i asked him if he went out/ had a nice evening. Nothing. He didn’t respond. Now, it’s 8 hours later and still haven’t heard from him.

    My gut feeling is telling me he went to see his ex.

    Now for the advice part, what should i do? I am falling in love with this guy, or maybe already am.. Should i ask him why he didn’t contact me this weekend? Should i meet him and tell him about my insecurities anout his ex?

    Here are some fun facts you should consider before advicing me:

    – he has told me he liked me, twice
    – he kisses me even though i smoke and he hates it
    – he talks about future plans (watching all the starwars movies together)
    – he showed a picture of me to his parents
    – he wanted me to meet his friends friday night

    Thanks in advance for all the advice 🙂

    P.s sorry if my english isnt always good, i’m not from around here