Receiving confusing tips on who to date


Receiving confusing tips on who to date

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    January 14, 2016 at 10:16 am #91663
    Receiving confusing tips on who to date

    So I’m relatively recently single, and I’ve spoken with a lot of co-workers (whom are all women) about it. Many talked to me during my break up.
    Now things are getting confusing. I want to get out there and date, though it’s confusing. I’m not big on meeting people at bars, and my friend groups are full of couples or people I’m not attracted to. However there are women at work whom I like.
    I’ll change their names, but for example:
    I’ve spoken to Melissa and Chloe the most about my break up. I’m not attracted to either, though I have a suspicion that they might be.
    Harper knows about my break up, and is recently single. I’d be interested, but I know she just got out if a really really long relationship, and wants to get out in the dating scene. (I’m looking more to find the one and eventually settle down)
    Ashley apparently has a crush on me (though I’m not supposed to know it), though she also has a boyfriend. I’ve lightly flirted with her; but won’t make a move unless she ends it.

    January 14, 2016 at 10:24 am #91666

    Harper and Chloe have told me it’s really cute when I flirt with Ashley, though they both know my stance on things.
    However, another co-worker just recently suggested I date Chloe, even though I’ve said I’m not interested.
    Along with this, Chloe, Melissa, and Harper, have all talked with me as we’ve talked to a former co-worker who was going to potentially set me up with someone.
    Now the confusing part here is that Ashley, whom I know has/had a secret crush on me, just suggested that I date Harper, because we would be cute together.

    I swear I don’t view work as just a dating pool, I’m just trying to find the right person, and I just want to date and get to know if beyond the friendly co-worker bonds, if there might be anything more there.

    Any advice? Is it possible that none of them are interested, so they just suggest someone else, if they think I’m flirting? (Mind you, I’ve only been flirting with Ashley, nobody else)