Reconsidering international brides dating.


Reconsidering international brides dating.

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    Reconsidering international brides dating.

    I have had an experience with these international brides dating sites and it wasn’t that good. I had a relationship with a Latina and she actually became my fiance after 2 years of dating and she became my wife after. We decided that she’ll move in with me here in the US and she did via green card. However, as years go by, I came to notice some of her unpleasant attitudes such as yelling at me and being too bossy and controlling. I just shrugged it off at first because I thought she was just having a hard time adjusting until I can’t take it anymore so I confronted her and to my surprise, she told me that she was only in it for the green card. Three years after, we got divorced. I was devastated, yes, but I had to move on, right? I am too old to find a wife in my locality so I was thinking to resort to foreign brides; however, I am doubtful and scared that I might experience the same thing twice. What do you think?

    July 4, 2018 at 5:50 pm #178675

    “I am too old to find a wife in my locality.” – That’s Nonsense!
    Even couples in their 70s and beyond still get married in the U.S.
    There are websites like Our Time and Senior People Meet dot com and other avenues for older people to meet.

    The main reason why men choose to go onto International bride sites is to get the kind of woman they can’t get locally!
    They want a woman who is physically out of their league in their home country. (Young, Beautiful, and Dependent on them.)
    The exceptions are guys like Hugh Hefner who was 86 when he married Crystal Harris age 26 a former Playboy Centerfold model. Without a doubt Hefner’s fame and wealth were the major reasons why she married him! He had to know this on some level.

    Now ask yourself:

    “Why would a young beautiful woman in a foreign country register to be on an international bride dating site?”
    Do you really believe it’s because she can’t find love or a husband in her own country?

    She wants the green card! Money!