serial liar and playboy


serial liar and playboy

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    April 10, 2015 at 5:52 am #76985
    serial liar and playboy

    I was on a dating site to observe how things are
    What kind of people do go there…
    There are people who hoped to find their true love
    Some go there to find friends
    Some go there and chat and create a different persona,
    An escape from reality.
    Some people go there to find the fubu
    Some go there to collect women and victimize them, add them to his list.

    People from different walks of life go to these dating sites.
    I go there to observe and see how they interact.
    Couple men in there were ex-navy, military men,
    Doctors, engineers and even the retired ones.
    They all go there to try their luck.

    One time I logged in to a site to observe and laugh at their funny messages.
    A group of women came and started posting things in their dialect.
    At first I didn’t understand it.
    I was clueless, Like WTF are they talking about??
    Then a woman made a comment and claimed to be a sweetheart of a member.
    Then the rowdy group of women continued saying things.
    I thought maybe this lady

    April 10, 2015 at 5:54 am #76986

    I thought maybe this lady is not their target LOL
    Then minutes later someone came in and made a very bold comment about the issue.
    She was speaking in English, so yeah I can understand…thank goodness.
    Then I understood she was the one they’ve been waiting for.
    She was also a sweetheart of the same guy and apparently the guy has other girls to from the site and other dating sites.
    As I was reading her messages I can see that she was hurt and was a victim of a serial liar and playboy.
    Then the woman from the group dropped the name of the playboy.
    I was so shocked coz I, I did talk to the guy and he was really nice…
    Which is too good to be true?
    Then shock came over me.
    That guy was actually a doctor and does mission at least that’s what he told me.
    He even goes to Asian countries and said he love doing it.
    Then it made me think, if he love those countries why did he do that to those nice women
    And cheat one them
    Took advantage of their trust and love for him.

    April 10, 2015 at 8:44 am #76987

    How can a man who profess and calls himself a good son to his mom
    Do this to women…
    I was about to get mad at him for what he did.
    Then I stop and think.
    Maybe, just maybe he is sick.
    Can’t stop himself from having many women and do things sexually to them.
    Or maybe he has some insecurity that he is hiding.

    -Never the less, what he did was awful.
    No excuse is valid for taking advantage of women and cheating.
    Then to add insult to the injury, the girl even told the 2 ladies that were broken and hurting
    That the guy denied them being his gf’s and that he ended his relationship with them and kept the girl instead.
    And she was bragging about it,
    How can people be that mean?
    There was even no morsel of remorse from the guy.
    Being a jerk and a pig comes in all forms, from different walks of life.
    All I can say is there’s no valid reason or excuse to what he did to those women…
    It was a betrayal of trust.
    True love exists.