Sexy Stranger  asks for massage at the public pool


Sexy Stranger asks for massage at the public pool

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    March 28, 2017 at 3:02 pm #131378
    Sexy Stranger asks for massage at the public pool

    So heres the story I was at the public pool with my wife and daughter.So I’m sitting in the hot tub while my wife is playing with the baby in the pool we are chatting close to each other.So as we’re talking and playing with the baby this woman walks into the hot tub.This woman has a tight fit sexy body and some tattoos she has this girl net door kind of look.As I’m playing with the baby and chatting with my wife, I squeeze in a couple innocent peeks and she catches me checking her out and she doesn’t say anything just keeps talking with one of the lifeguards.I get finished in the hot tub and make my way to the sauna.No sooner do I sit down in the sauna does this woman follow me in coincidence I thought so at first as she had only been in the hot tub after getting in for a minute.We make small talk a bit about stretching in the sauna.Then my wife pops in says baby I’m going to shower.The second the door closes this woman asks me to massage her.Now I can’t stop thinking about her help!

    March 29, 2017 at 8:48 am #131385

    Im religious Mormon(LDS)and married my first ever girlfriend my wife is beautiful and sexy strong Chinese woman. This temptress was such a turn on for me and such a test I wanted more than anything to rub her down I tried to rationalize giving her an innocent massage I told myself it wouldn’t matter my wife wouldn’t care how could it hurt it’s not cheating it won’t turn into anything more, but I refrained myself to honor and stay duty bound to my wife. Now I can’t stop thinking about this girl and get her out of my head what do I do? It felt good being hit on and chosen I was never much of a player and didn’t do much dating I missed out on all the fun. I never have been tempted or tried to cheat but now I find myself thinking and fantasizing about it even though I didn’t massage her. Should I have or would that lead to something more or could it be ok and innocent? Should I just get it out of my system and massage her next time I see her? Should I have sex with her just once?Hall pass?

    March 30, 2017 at 6:38 pm #131679

    I think if you did it you’d be cheating on yourself. if you felt like it was completely innocent, not sexual or on a path that leads to cheating, you’d easily say yes or no without questioning it. You’d say
    1. Yes because in your mind it’s a sexless act and the feeling of wrongness didn’t even cross your mind
    2. No because you’re not that interested, it’s massaging a stranger asexually (no different than tucking in a persons tag) or because you’re like “meh, I don’t care either way but my wife might so if there’s even a slim chance of that, naaah”
    You don’t know if the sex chemistry will be great or bad just based on her looks so you could have this haunt you forever for 5 minutes of “eh” for all you know.
    Youre not obsessing over the girl, its thinking she wants you. you haven’t felt desired in a while, its intoxicating. Newness and “whats gonna happen next” in bed or during the chase is exciting. Tell your wife how you need to be chased or desired. She play as your “other woman”