she just vanished!


she just vanished!

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    July 3, 2013 at 3:09 pm #34810
    she just vanished!

    allow me to BORE you with this ridiculously long story!!!! ok check it out. i met this cute gurl at a music event back in march, exchanged numbers and we immediately became texting buds. we got to know each other pretty well and had our 1st date after about a month. 1st date went great, i got to meet her bestfriend who also worked at the restaurant (she was our waitress) pretty awesome gurl. decent food, good talks&laughs. later that night we all sat and chilled at her house, had more good talks n laughs. her bestfriend joined us (they’re roomates) we all had a good time. now one thing i can point out which can possibly be a “red flag” is that she had this passive aggressive ex bf blowing her phone up, i mean dude made it to 30 missed phone calls. she appeared pretty stressed and irritated,apologized and told me she currently working on getting him blocked. i said “no worries” it really didnt bother me at all. i took her word for it and never thought about it again.

    we planned a second date the very next week this time she wanted to come to my place, which was fine by me. I took her to this nice restaurant and later we stopped by a friend of mine and introduced the two. everything went great. took her to my
    place watched a movie “pursuit of happyness”. once it was over we both were a little tired. i suggested we take a quick nap before we head out to bring her home (honest to.GOD i really wanted us to just take a nap) laying in the bed she immediately started kissing me. =-O what da heck?! it was such a surprise. but anyway i wasnt gonna be a chump about it. so thats date 2. it was great for the both of us. no ex bf, no bestfriend, just us. and it was awesome.

    in some short days after date 2 she opened up to me telling me she had something to get off chest saying how much she really liked me and how much i made her smile. loving words. and i knew i would have to make a decision soon because the last thing.i.want is a gurl being mislead and confused. now we knew we wouldnt see each other the next two weeks because her and some friends were hitting the beach for a week. and that following week i was having a vavation of my own to my hometown. during her first few days she get me fully updated sendin me awesome pics of her,the beach,the scenery and “wish you were here” captioned pics. lol i was so happy to see her having a good time. it was this moment i realized ive devolped feelings for her :-). it felt pretty awesome. it was just a matter of time before we’d be together right??….wrong. ladies n gentleman **darth vader voice** “clearly u have underestimated the power of the dark side” during the latter days of her vacation our convos were becoming short. she stopped initiating talks. she would always greet with happy “good mornings” and stuff. sometimes the entire day would go by without hearing from her unless i initiated. weird. but i.didnt think to deep into it. i just moved forward.

    ok now my vacation is imminent. i was scheduled to leave tuesday. monday morning i sent a huge good morningg text. she didnt respond til later that evening. and i probably didnt hear from her the rest of that day. it pretty much went that way my entire stay at my hometown. only a few highlights. one was we had a good phone convo for about an hour or so, which was pretty awesmome. it gave me hope.that everything would be fine. secondly she showed alot of.excitement that we would finally get to see each other on our of tuesdays. it lifted my spirits. i had something to look forward to.

    arrived home from the airport around 10am. took a nap. texted around 5.that evening. “hey whats up” she replies “idk whats up” (the plan was to go.dancing at a local club my boy owned) me: do u still.wanna go.dancing?” she replies “i have nothing to wear” me: really? ..its ok we’ll.go out n buy u something to wear . her: where will i get this money? me:heyy dont.worry…u wanna see her:idk ive been bloated and feel like crap.

    ok now this infuriated me! whack excuse after another. i stop talking to her for two days straight. that thursday when i was no longer upset. i reached out asking if.everything was ok. she didnt respond. she ignored.every attempt i made. wnich was a total of four msgs of.concern of how shes doing. she never responded. i immediately assumed that it was the end. 3 days no word. realized i never told her how.i.felt about. so in my farewell text i gave her a pretty.detailed msg pretty much laid it all out on how i felt about her. about two maxed out text msgs long. it was a pretty heartfelt msg. still no respond! not until about two or three days later she respinded “ive been dealin with some stuff..” me: ok kool. lets talk.about it.. we can talk. she resumed to ignoring me again.. so i let her be. days went by.. now its been some.weeks .. still no word.

    last week i had another vacation. this time to vegas! (dang i take alot of vacations.. lol becuz im kool like that B-)) I’m bringing this up because its the only bit of hope this gurl gives me. you gonna think im a geek for this but here goes. during this entire stint of her ignoring she would always take the time to LIKE my pics on instagram. lame i know. but atleast its a sign that she doesnt hate me. she would like about 70% of them during this current period of ignoring me.. i mean even when we were talking she didnt really like my pics. weird. dont really know what to make of it. after my vegas vacay. i decided to make on last attemmpt. it went just like this me:”heyy” her:hey! =-O she spoke?? me: whats up stranger :her: nothing just watchin the heat and you? me:the heat?? i thought they won it all?? her: lmao nooo the movie me: lol haha ohhh ok … me: so how things been? … no respond. no reply the rest of the night. next day i reached out again.. still ignoring.. and thats when i told her : hey ive put my pride to the side only to see how heartles u are, so now im officially done with you. no respond.

    so thats it folks. i blocked her ass on instagram too. its been some.days now still no.word. im pretty sure.its over.. i just had to VENT!! hahaha i’m getting over slowly day by day. but im just baffled on how it all went down. idk man. but its kool. what if she eventually responds . what do i do? i can be pretty firm. but i also believe in second chances. would she deserve it?? thoughts are welcmed. sorry for the horrible typos,grammar etc.