She rejected me, but acts weird, and accepted my invite


She rejected me, but acts weird, and accepted my invite

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    June 17, 2019 at 3:14 am #202210
    She rejected me, but acts weird, and accepted my invite

    There is this girl I know for a long time already. I was into her for a long time and decided to ask her out, she accepted, but later found out she didn’t get my intention when she asked a friend to join later. she refused and I accepted it, I thought about cutting connection, but it ended with us keeping connection. At first she kept distance, and slowly this awkward barrier disappeard. She acted weird at first, was impulsive in a funny way near me.
    once we spoke half an hour at work (we’re coworkers) after some random talk she mentioned her eating her nails or something, pointed it started with meeting me. (prob as a joke) asked if she had a crush on me as a joke she said yes. I didn’t get it and continued with a laugh..
    a bud said she wouldn’t just say it and dared me to ask her out again. I asked her again for a movie, she accepted, so far didn’t ask for a friend to join.
    but she’s sending it all very mixed, Idk if keep it casual or advance? did she change her mind? confused?