She says she has a boyfriend but is sending mixed signals HELP


She says she has a boyfriend but is sending mixed signals HELP

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    June 24, 2017 at 1:13 pm #140535
    She says she has a boyfriend but is sending mixed signals HELP

    Not sure how to read this and I need help. I took a girl out to dinner and we have a great connection. She told me she has a boyfriend and gave me this story about how she went out with a guy that made advances on her and she declined them. This guy got mad because she said she told him no and that she had a boyfriend. So, I’m not thinking of making any moves.

    However, throughout the night she wanted me to hug her and put my arm around her when walking. She kept saying she really liked me. And there were two moments when she looked me in the eye and put her hand on my thigh and told me she liked me a lot. And at the end of the night she was saying stuff like I forgot my keys and what am I going to do. It’s like she wanted me to open up my place for her. She miraculously found them and when I was driving her home, she invited me up for a coffee. And then proceeded to open the invite up two more times.

    Is Miss I have a boyfriend playing games or is she making moves? Lost.

    June 26, 2017 at 7:24 am #140543

    I was in the same position recently. I finally had to give up because it was very confusing to me. She wanted to spend all her time with me and she texted me al the time but she had this boyfriend always in the background that kept me emotionally and physically at a distance. Maybe that was the point.