She seemed overeager and now she's playing it too cool


She seemed overeager and now she's playing it too cool

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    January 2, 2017 at 10:31 pm #121411
    She seemed overeager and now she's playing it too cool

    So on the Monday after Christmas I met up to grab some drinks with someone i’d been talking to online. I had been watching videos about not seeming overeager and letting her talk most of the time. It all went well, and I feel like looks-wise we’re a good match.

    In the car, we made out and that went well — though I did make the mistake of implying that we do more.

    We met up again two days later, and again things went well but she got mad when I implied that we do more. I’m sorry guys, but I did not go into this with a desire to get a relationship. But she’s pretty & smart & chill and now I’d like to get to know her more. She was in my area the next day and texted if I wanted to meet up. We got coffee and chatted for a couple hours and again, made out and flirted like crazy.

    She made comments that totally suggested she’s been researching men — joked about me friend zoning her, but also joked about doing that to me.

    She also said things that suggested she was looking at me as (cont

    January 3, 2017 at 2:39 pm #121412

    (cont) as a long-term made. Asked me lots of questions and that seemed to test me — would I wait a month before sex? Would I marry someone of a different religion (she’s Persian, thought she and I are not really religious) etc — and because we’d spend the 10 hours together the second date, the third time she said (not sure if it was a joke) she was thinking about bringing me cookies to work — we are working in the same vicnity. So I figured all was great.

    She then said “I shouldn’t have asked you to hang out so soon and should have waited like three days. My game is rusty.”

    I told her it doesn’t matter how long one waits etc- -she said “it does.” I wonder if she asked me out the third time to see if I’d meet up and, if i did, this would be proof i was overeager?

    I texted her the next day and she didn’t say much, and again on NYE, and she wished me one back. We’ve not texted since. I’m wondering if she lost interest or is just waiting. What should I do?