She's a Muslim.  I'm not.


She's a Muslim. I'm not.

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    HR PuffnStuff
    HR PuffnStuff
    August 3, 2019 at 12:16 am #204783
    She's a Muslim. I'm not.

    I’m 51. She’s 44.

    Look, it’s like this. I met this woman. She’s lovely. We connected, emotionally and physically. We enjoy one another’s company. I make her laugh. She makes me laugh. We drink wine and act like kids. She’s got a great career, and I’m an entrepreneur. She has kids. I don’t. I’m cool with that. I’ve never been married. She’s divorced. It’s all great except… Here’s the rub: She’s a Muslim girl.

    I think she’s great but I also think the ideological divide–even though she’s non practising, is also too great. I’ll be honest; I was looking for a nice christian girl, maybe with some kids that would join me in my life. I wasn’t expecting this and the more I think about what’s happened and how it goes against my every sensibility and makes me just want to cut this off before it goes any further.

    Gonna be straight; I’m no fan of Islam and I might wind up hating myself for compromising my conscience and my beliefs. Like I said, she’s lovely. I’m torn