Should I apologize again or just let it go?


Should I apologize again or just let it go?

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    June 11, 2013 at 1:29 am #33171
    Should I apologize again or just let it go?

    There is this girl I have liked for some time, and recently we have been talking a lot more, mainly on Facebook. I have seen her twice last year as we worked together on some projects, but kept in touch on line.

    On Facebook recently she made some public post about something silly that happened to her while hanging out with friends. Many friends, including myself, posted silly comments about it which she liked.

    One comment I made a short time later disappeared. I thought maybe it was some Facebook tech issue which for anyone who has Facebook knows that happens a lot.

    Later in the evening, I wrote to her a very nice message just asking if she did delete it or not as i was wondering if something was wrong with my page again. I told her if she did delete it for any reason, I deeply apologize, and hope things still are ok with us.

    She wrote me back minutes later saying YES she did delete it, and based on what she wrote it was clear to tell she took the comment in a totally different way then in my mind I intended it to be. She said she was not mad and everything with us is good and she is looking forward to our plans to get together in 2 weeks.

    Now for the question,

    Since in the first message I all ready wrote her asking her if she deleted the comment or not, I apologized, but was unsure if anything was wrong. Now that I know she did delete it, but said everything was fine, should I apologize again or just let it go ?

    Also this may sound like a dumb question, but how should I apologize since I do feel bad but don’t want to drag this out since things are still fine with us?